All the recipes used in Chicky Wok were formed with an inspiration from a fusion of different cooking methods. We are bringing together a fine blend of Indian, Chinese, Italian cuisines; a real dip in the flavours! This brings a huge change from the authentic taste of each dish.
Authentic taste of each dish. More crisp, more flavour and more love is the recipe for Chicky Wok fried chicken, a real jump from the usual South American taste.
Our pizza is authentically Italian and flavourfully global. The toppings are all so unique and top-notch!
The grill from Chicky Wok will make you relish in the finest detail of our recipe. Best option for the calorie conscious ones!


Every ingredient used in our dishes are of superior quality. The herbs and spices are all specifically chosen from genuine dealers to make sure we get the premium grade. At Chicky Wok we never compromise on the quality of our food. We deliver the best by buying the best!


At times fast food chains fail to deliver enough! Yes, you will remain hungry even after a quick grab from the drive-in. Our meals are sure to provide you with a quantity that is sure to curb your hunger. Happy and filled tummy assured!


Yes! We are always on our toes to serve you quick and easy. Chicky Wok kitchens are always full on. With our amazing team, no one would be held up from getting their food on time.